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You will find answers to basic questions below, we will answer the rest in direct contact with you - contact us.

How can we help with your campaing?

1. Select the locations that interest you. In the Locations section you will find a map with the location and numbers of the carriers.

2. Choose the amount and type of ad. Posters are displayed in bands (360 ° around the column). There are 3 levels of bands: top, center and bottom or full exposure on the entire carrier - choose the appropriate format for yourself and contact us  to arrange the date and availability! The standard poster for the band is the B1 format (height 100 cm x width 70.7 cm).

A standard poster for the entire carrier is 130 cm wide x 3.05 cm high - there are 3 such posters displayed horizontally next to each other from top to bottom.

We are also happy to help with display of individual posters.

How long is the exposure?

We change the exposition every week, so your posters may change even every 7 days! We recommend campaigns lasting 2-4 weeks for the best effect.

Why physical media and not internet advertising?

With our advertisements, we reach the interior of Gdańsk's Old Town, where columns of a similar shape have been in use for decades. Customers have contact with advertising while crossing streets whose historic character does not allow other forms of advertising. Advertising columns are a perfect complement to online campaigns and reach specific customers, such as Polish and foreign tourists.

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